Welcome to Bitkkah LTD

Our Company provides PrePaid Card worldwide Multidivisa Dolar / Euros for its clients.


PrePaid Card

Multi-currency card for withdrawals at ATMs, online purchases and affiliated stores.


Our compliance department complies with all international laws.


Work Team

Bitkkah is composed of an interdisciplinary team experts in PrePaid Card.

World Projection

The Service provided by Bitkkah has worldwide coverage including the USA.

Information Systems

Bitkkah has developed a programming system with maximum quality standards.

Business Integration

Bitkkah can help your company in the process of obtaining a card with its own Logo.


International Courier Department- Sending prepaid cards.

Operations Department Prepaid Card – Reception and Refills.

Programming Department – Systems, program coordination.

Finance Department – Currency control, payment supervision

General Manager – Executive Direction, Administration, General Coordination.

 Compliance – Database Control, KYC, AML, Anti-Money Laundering Policies. Privacy.