Our Credit and Debit Cards give financial solutions that give access to:


Bank accounts or credit histories are not required for cardholders.

You can control and manage your payments through an easy and intuitive online administration platform.

Funds available in just a few minutes after reloading.

Lower operating expenses and greater efficiency in electronic payments.

Online chat assistance / by email or 24 hours phone service.

Access to funds at ATMs and points of sale at any time and anywhere in the world.

Simple and transparent payment structures.

With our Cards you don’t have to worry about Cross-Border, you can retire at ATMs, shop at stores or on the Internet worldwide.

Unlimited bank service to send or receive international transfers.

Transfer service from bitkkah account balance to bitkkah account.

We work with various currencies and also with currencies 2.0

Availability of 7 daily transactions with a maximum of € 500 per day

Maximum monthly withdrawals of 50,000 (dollars / Euros)

* Bitkkah provides Visa cards where Unionpay does not have coverage with the same characteristics

One of the most important benefits when acquiring our card is the possibility to have free financial ties and tools to protect your assets.

Once you buy your card, you activate our ONLINE BANKING PACK and you will benefit of all our financial tools that will be at your disposal, where you can perform all the necessary triangulations in different currencies and types of currencies.

Flexibility and savings in your money movements!!!

Bitkkah Group