BITKAH LTD is a Technological company with an ambitious vision of the future in the development of digital environments for the complete management of relating projects with international debit and credit cards.

We count with Operating, Managing and International courier offices in Argentina, Panama and Spain.

Our corporate tandem has a standard market of quality which objective is to offer true solutions that anticipate the necessities of each company growth and we have the capacity to accomplish any project.


Department of
International Currier

Sending prepaid cards

Department of
Prepaid Card Operations

Reception and Refills

Department of

System, Coordination of programs

Department of

Currency control and payment supervisor


Executive Direction, Administration, General Coordination

Department of

Database Control, KYC, AML, Anti-Laundering Policies, Privacy

BITKKAH LTD is made up of a team of computer engineers, developers, multidisciplinary programmers, graphic designers and analysts; as well as industrial engineers, technicians in robotics, pneumatics and mechanics.

All capable of meeting any challenge of information and mechanization of production processes in the payment process industry.

We have the best professionals in various locations to meet all needs within the digital field. We create synergies around the development structure of our clients' organizational system with our team, so that we establish a communication system with the heads of each department for teamwork.

The connection with the client is important to develop the digital organization chart tailored to their needs and coordinate the adaptation and training processes of the software in each department of the company.

BITKKAH LTD is linked with top-of-the-line processors and banks

Which allows you to provide an excellent service in terms of international debit cards with worldwide coverage.