It could happen that will require you to confirm your identity and other personal details. Bitkkah LTD has established special verification systems including your bank account. Any information about your identity is kept under confidentiality and helps your identity is not used by other people falsely claim that could steal your identity.
The countries that are leading the fight against money laundering are principally the governments of the EU countries and the United States and all organizations involved in financial services. All are united determinedly to end the generation of financial crimes, as part of the international effort to end the fraudulent transactions that seek funding mafias, criminal organizations and terrorists, with the common goal of protecting the world’s population and terrorism organizated crime.
Your cooperation is vital to the successful fight against crime and terrorism, which usually is required in most legislation in the world.
We are required to keep full records of all transactions with the supplied identifications.
We are required to monitor any unusual or suspicious transactions of any amount.
We have a legal obligation to inform the Agency of Crimes of suspicious transactions.


Financial institutions must be able to identify and understand the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing to apply preventive measures. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) are priority areas for attention in Bitkkah LTD continually evaluates the strength and relevance of our existing policies and procedures and training employees. Money laundering and terrorism not only harm the general public, but can also damage the stability and reputation of the financial sector. It is convenient for us to take all reasonable steps to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Bitkkah LTD adheres and complies to the letter with all laws Compliance KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering). Since criminals need financial services to disguise their operations and sponsoring criminal activities, practices Know Your Customer (KYC) are important both for us and for the entire customer base Bitkkah LTD.

Bitkkah LTD uses specific to detect suspicious, such as transactions that do not align to the customer profile transactions known tools. Detecting suspicious transactions active depth investigations behalf of our client by our Compliance Division. Bitkkah LTD is free to terminate an existing customer relationship. The Compliance Department has the power and legal arbitrariness to report suspicious transactions to the competent authorities.

You can not transfer money to or from countries considered non-cooperative without prior approval of the Compliance Department Bitkkah LTD. Approval will only be given after proper documentation and subsequent thorough analysis of the economic background, as well as adequate justification for the transaction in question. To help governments to track criminal organizations, drug traffickers, terrorists and money laundering, Bitkkah LTD inquiry lists and databases updated frequently, for law enforcement.

Because Policies against Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Policies against, it is vital that financial institutions take action to combat the risks of money laundering and assist governments in identifying potential activities sponsored terrorism. Below we summarize some of the policies we follow in Bitkkah LTD:
Our company has adopted international standards policies in preventing money laundering and anti-terrorist financing which requires the Bitkkah LTD headquarters, foreign branches and subsidiaries worldwide and are appropriate to implement effective programs to meet relevant laws. The Legal & Compliance Department strives to Bitkkah LTD Policy is properly implemented throughout the Company.

Bitkkah LTD Has established policies and procedures on “Know Your Customer”. We verify the identity of the customer through documents, data or information obtained from a reliable and independent source. We have developed and continue to update the regulatory framework and procedures that meet or exceed applicable legal and regulatory requirements, and continually educate our employees; All these measures are carried out according to the provisions of international laws and treaties, along with the financial regulations and standards internationally recognized. Estimated appreciate your cooperation and please apologize for any inconvenience we may cause at some point, compliance with preventive policies mentioned.

Bitkkah LTD