This digital document is established as part of the agreements and terms of INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD and has legal nature of the contract annexed to the service contract (Agreement Terms of the INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD platform).


INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD (hereinafter referred to variously as “INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD” or “The Company”) is committed to comply with a policy of confidentiality and security of personal data of its customers (hereinafter “Customer / s”, “user / s “or” data owner “) and is committed to protecting your privacy and comply with applicable laws on protection of personal data. INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD is responsible for requesting and securing personal information. In compliance with the various applicable laws, INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD declares to hold a data file hosted on a server encrypted backup.


The personal data may request INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD include (i) the names, identification numbers or passport, addresses, phone numbers, emails, birthdates, payment information other digital media and virtual payment, (II) As a user of our services, all information you have provided and / or provide in the future INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD to maintain the business relationship, (III) data related to services provided to protected INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD in fulfilling their obligations, either by reason of the provision of services or sale of products, services and generally any other information that may be requested to provide additional services INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD can be made available in the future.
It is presumed that the data provided by users are true, correct, complete, and identify the holder of the account provided by INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD services, so it is the responsibility of the owner of the data updating themselves, if they suffer some variation during the service contract with INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD. In that sense, the user is required to provide INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD updated data as required. Similarly, INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD reserves the right to take the measures it deems appropriate if the data provided by the user are false, inaccurate or incomplete.


The user authorizes INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD to send information on promotions, special information programs, offers and services by email. Occasionally, INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD can send promotions of other associated companies. In that sense, INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD not agree to the disclosure of user data no longer sold or assigned to someone else (*). This type of advertising is done through newsletters and promotional messages through email. The user has the right to decline sending promotions from third parties and may apply for low bulletins certain promotions that are not of interest, for which, INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD included in each email a link of un-subscription automatically.
For the use of cookies, the “Help” button located on the toolbar of most browsers will tell you how to avoid accepting new cookies, how to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie or how to disable all cookies.

(*) Transfer of personal data to third parties:

INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD may transfer the personal data of users to its subsidiaries and / or affiliated companies, whether domestic or foreign companies. Also, INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD may provide some data to companies with which it has business agreements for the fulfillment of the services provided, such as banks that provide accounts.
INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD never give your data to any competent authority or government agency, unless INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD be legally bound by competent authority, if so requested ministerially.
To carry out the purposes described in the preceding paragraph, the transfer or assignment of personal data is limited to acts, facts and / or implement the necessary procedures to INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD can perform and fulfill their contractual and regulatory obligations / or business in the normal course of business. If the user has objections to their personal data to be transferred and / or assigned, it is considered to be extinguished his service contract with INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD, given the failure to meet service obligations with banks and other providers.


INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD not request sensitive personal data at any time. (Racial or ethnic origin, health status, genetic information, religious beliefs, trade union membership, philosophical and moral beliefs, political views, sexual preference or other private nature).

INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD has the technical, material and human resources to ensure that your personal data will be treated in strict compliance with the law at any time, the user will have the right to request INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD the exercise of rights under the Law, by sending of a written request to the following email address: [email protected] It is understood that in order for INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD to be able to adequately and promptly address the request referred to in this article, the holder's request must contain at least: (I) Full name of the data holder, (II) the identification number , (III) a brief description of the object of the request, and (IV) reasons for your request. Our response to your request will be sent within the period established by law to be sent by mail to the sender of the request. You acknowledge and accept that one of the purposes of the processing of your personal data is to comply with the commercial obligations that it maintains with INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD, so that you cannot cancel or oppose the processing of personal data that may affect and / or restrict the application of the same, unless you want to cancel your service account with INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD.


INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD the right, in its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of this privacy policy at any time expressly reserves. In this case, INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD published on the website a notice with the changes to practice, and a communication by e-mail. In the privacy policies always indicate the date of the last update. To the extent that the user does not express his opposition to the changes made, brought to its attention and continue to access and / or use, in part or in whole, the Services provided by INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD, it means that you have accepted and consented to such changes and / or modifications.
By providing their personal data INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD, you expressly acknowledge and agree that you accept these privacy policies, and that the same may be amended or adjusted occasionally, and INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD consent to continue with processing of personal data in the terms described in herein. If you do not accept these terms, you can exercise your rights under the law, as described above
Note that in the web and / or products and / or services may appear INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD links to other websites, to applications using platforms and services other companies that have service contracts with INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD and have their own privacy policies. If you want to know about the policies of third suppliers or associated companies, we suggest you consult us in order to have knowledge of them.


The security and confidentiality of data that users provide when hiring a service or purchase a product online are protected by a secure server on the Secure Socket Layer (SSL), so that the data sent are transmitted encrypted to ensure privacy.
To verify that you are in a protected environment sure to appear in the navigation bar encrypted security protocol that identifies with https: //. However, despite having the safest tools, protection of data sent over the Internet can not be guaranteed to be 100%, so, INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD constant review the systems and try, as far as possible, adapt new systems and tools to improve the performance and safety of the platform. The above does not mean in any way any warranty and the user is aware that it must exercise caution in your local computer for viruses, espionage, phishing and password protection is concerned.
Hereby the user is aware of its obligations and relieve INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD security of any loss in your account and will not be entitled to claim for a possible intrusion into your account.
Although INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD is exempt from spoofing or any kind of piracy on access to their account, the company is committed to ensuring the maintenance and upgrade of security and fraud detection to avoid, as far as we can any kind of interference in the accounts of the INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD platform without this commitment represents or is itself no guarantee.


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This Statement of Confidentiality / Privacy is subject to the terms and conditions of all websites INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD com described above, which constitutes a legal agreement between you and INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD.
If the user uses the services anywhere that you have read, understood and accepted the terms outlined above. If you disagree with them, you should not provide any personal information or use services INTELLIGENT GLOBAL SYSTEMS LTD sites.